Hopita (hopita) wrote,

While I wait ...

I'm currently waiting for another roll of film to upload. There will be pictures of the Battered Citizens reunion show. There will be pictures of draw_in_yellow. And there will also be a picture of Sprout.

It's weird. Today was our first day working together since I told him to go fuck himself. Suffice it to say, we didn't exactly hang out much.

After he left, AFRICArdo decided to be slick and try to pump me for information. As I grabbed an avocado and a banana, he asked whether Sprout had influenced me to go toward a more raw diet. I replied "oh, are we going to have that conversation now?" and, ultimately, AFRICArdo said yea, OK, let's have that conversation.

The thing I said that seemed to surprise him the most? He asked about the night that Sprout and I hooked up, and asked what sorts of doubts I experienced afterward, once he had left. I told him that I wasn't doubtful at all -- I was actually unbelievably optimistic. Like I told n0thingman, I felt like Sprout had been conjured. Like n0thingman had pulled him out of thin air and dropped him at my feet as a Christmas present.
Tags: christmas, draw_in_yellow, eefc, orange mike, presents, relationships, ricardo, sprout

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