Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Death abounds.

Well, this is an odd night.

I came home and ran into Catherine. She asked had I heard about Joe. I had not.

Joe died. Of an apparent overdose. Catherine found out when she saw the coroner's van yesterday morning. I didn't see the coroner's van, but I did see the cop cars, yesterday, when I was on my way to work. Catherine went and asked Al, who shared the news with her.

I'm stunned. I've written about Joe some, but not very much (and always, it appears, in the context of death).

Catherine didn't know about Joe and drugs. Apparently Dan (another neighbor) said it was heroin. I hadn't heard about that, but Joe himself had told me of his fondness for mixing pills and booze, which I shared with Catherine.

So I came online and figured I'd look up the obituary -- Catherine said something about visitation being tomorrow. Well, I could find no notice of that, but I did find out that I know both of the families having funerals at Schugar's tomorrow -- one is the grandmother of a childhood friend, the other, the father of a Pittsburgh Antioch alum. I don't have the childhood friend's email address, but I did just email the Antiochian.

Fucking hell.

The obituary
Tags: alcohol, antioch, catherine, death, drugs, heroin, joe

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