Hopita (hopita) wrote,

December pictures

Thankfully, this roll of New Years pictures turned out better than last year's did ...

The pictures:

Me & pghwob*


Nick's Festivus present to me**

Me & Michael on New Years***




Allisyn and Erica


The falcon that showed up at The Co-op one day

The falcon that showed up at The Co-op one day

pghwob at The Co-op

Erica on her birthday*****

Erica on her birthday*****

Phil and AFRICArdo (on his birthday*****)

AFRICArdo on his birthday*****

AFRICArdo on his birthday*****

* I love this picture. I'd just given him his Hanuka present. It was a great day.
** I wish this picture turned out better, but part of the film got overexposed. And yes, n0thingman: Nick did specify that it was a "Festivus" present.
*** I love this picture too.
**** And holy cats do I love this picture! I have no clue how this even happened, but man ... what a great shot!
***** Debbie and I have apparently created a birthday tiara trend at The Co-op
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