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I'm still pretty overwhelmingly sad. I woke up crying again. I actually spent most of yesterday just lying on the couch and crying. I went to Joseph's show last night and ran into Joel there and talked to him about it -- I basically told him the same thing that I told n0thingman, which is that maybe that's just what I need to do for right now.

I've had Suzanne Vega's "Cracking" stuck in my head for two days now. I'm not usually much for posting lyrics on my LJ, but what the hell ...

It's a one time thing
It just happens
A lot
Walk with me
And we will see
What we have got
My footsteps are ticking
Like water dripping from a tree
Walking a hairline
And stepping very carefully
My heart is broken
It's worn out at the knees
Hearing muffled
Seeing blind
Soon it will hit the DEEP FREEZE
And something is cracking
I don't know where
Ice on the sidewalk
Brittle branches
In the air
The sun
Is blinding
Dizzy golden, dancing green
Through the park in the afternoon
Wondering where the hell
I have been
Tags: crying, depression, joel, joseph, music, orange mike, sad, sprout, suzanne vega

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