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Unseasonable again

Hello and howdy. I was posting a reply in ratphooey's journal a little while ago, and it struck me that perhaps I should update my own journal as well.

Today began with brunch with ratphooey, her mother, and, shall we say, various friends and/or acquaintances. Well, actually, if you want to get technical, today began with my old friend Colin calling me at 1:00 in the morning and just generally getting me very confused. I think we must've talked because when I woke up, the cordless phone was by the bed, and all the books from the milkcrates in between had been knocked over. Oops.

Colin's a good egg. When I get home (I'm at Quiet Storm Coffee now), I suspect I'll give him a ring.

So after brunch, I had planned on swimming, but the weather was so wonderful, warm and sunny, that I opted to go and sit on Flagstaff Hill instead. I read my book (Girl by Blake Nelson. I'm almost done with it now), wrote in my journal, and was repeatedly jumped on and kissed by a little white dog named Cookie.

Anyhow, my dinner looks as though it may be ready, so I'll end this here. Here's hoping for more summer days in November!
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