Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Happy Anniversary.

Just something I wanted to share:

As of today, my stint at The East End Food Co-op is my longest time spent at one job ever. I was at Facets Multimedia in Chicago for exactly two years (April 11, 1994 - April 11, 1996), and, as of today, I've been at The Co-op for two years and one day (I started on January 3, 2005). So yaay!

Also in the "yaay" category -- it's been three days since I've had a tobacco cigarette. I've still been doing the herbal cigarettes thing, though I'm trying to cut back on that too. I figure I'll give myself two weeks on those, and still keep a pack in the freezer for emergencies. If I'm gonna cheat again at some point, I'd rather it continue to be nicotine-free.
Tags: eefc, facets, smoking

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