Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A few orders of business.

First and foremost, I got the job. I start in two weeks. From what Tom has told me, I'm going to get basically no training, so I plan to spend whatever free time I can squeeze out of the next two weeks reading up on supplements. Wish me luck.

The good news? This gets me off register two days a week. The bad news? This means I'll never have a Friday or Saturday night off for the rest of my natural life.

Ya win some, ya lose some.

Other news: the rest of my spare time (what spare time is this of which you speak?) will be spent on all of the other things I have overextended myself with -- things like being on the Staff Survey Committee at work (it's a long story which I don't much feel like explaining right now; suffice it to say I got to spend my day off today at work, in a meeting), running for the antioch_college Alumni Board (I have til the end of the month to get all of my paperwork in), and shopping for holiday gifts (warning: expect them to be late). Oh, and trying to do something with my garbage heap of an apartment. I found some bookshelves out with the trash the other day, and they made my living room look so much nicer that I'm hoping they'll motivate me to keep cleaning.

And of course brunch with ratphooey this weekend!
Tags: antioch, dan, eefc, ratphooey, tom

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