Hopita (hopita) wrote,

The final Halloween pictures, plus more pictures of me

As Scarlet O'Hara might say, today is another day. And being another day, I decided I would post those pictures:

Me as Frida Kahlo again

lllove celebrates Halloween at Belvedere's

Billie and Coconut Joe at Belvedere's


Me at Belvedere's (with Coconut Joe and Billie in the corner)

Erok in the costume contest at Belvedere's

Lisa and Billie at Belvedere's

Billie and Coconut Joe making out at Belvedere's*

Lisa, Coconut Joe and Billie at Belvedere's

All dressed up for an IWW meeting**

All dressed up for an IWW meeting**

Tino, Opie and Jacob

Me in my top hat***

Opie eats wheat grass



Jacob, lying in bed and winking at me

Opie and Jacob

The top hat again ...

... and again

* I kinda love this picture
** Hey -- if all the other members have penises and beards, then so should I!
*** a Thanksgiving idea compliments of anarqueso
**** I kinda dig this picture
Tags: anarqueso, cats, erok, halloween, jacob, joey coconuts, me, opie, penii, pictures, tino

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