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Happy birthday; here's a stalker

Tomorrow (Friday, November 21) is my birthday. I was sitting at Quiet Storm Coffee earlier this evening writing an email to a bunch of friends asking if anyone wanted to take me out for lunch, or dinner, or drinks to celebrate (and giving my phone numbers for folks to call me if they were available). A kinda creepy man was hovering over my right shoulder as I wrote that email. I assumed he was waiting for the computer to be free and so I hurried up and logged off. Instead, the man was reading my email over my shoulder. As soon as I sent my email and logged off, he came over to my table, called me by name, wished me a happy birthday, and said that since I'd typed in my phone numbers, he'd give me a call tomorrow.

So I emailed all of the people I'd sent that email to and told them "Great. Just what I wanted for my birthday. A fucking stalker."

Now listen to this: one of my (male) friends sent me the following reply:

"Hey you never know, maybe he's a nice guy. Stranger things have happened. I'd at least chat on the phone if he calls. That's just me."

Anyone else think he's out of his mind?
Tags: birthdays, insanity, perverts, quiet storm

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