Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Halloween pictures!

These have been a long time coming. The pictures:

Shannon, Jonah, Helen and Kerry at the Great Ants show

Shannon and Kerry at the Great Ants show (with Helen and Jonah in the background)

Me and Shannon at the Great Ants show*

Me with the morning glories again

Me with the morning glories

The morning glories


Saprina and Kara

Kara and Debbie

Me as Frida Kahlo

Doug, Bodhi and Debbie

Doug, Bodhi and Debbie

Orlando and Coconut Joe

Coconut Joe

OK, I swear this picture isn't what it looks like

... and neither is this one

... or this one

Me as Frida Kahlo**

Kara and Doug

Coconut Joe, Billie, Rob and LaShaun



Coconut Joe fixing Rob's carrot

Billie and her pumpkins***

Coconut Joe

* I love this picture
** Hello new user icon
*** They're organic!
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