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Today I took Gayle to Bobby Moser's funeral. It was exhausting. I felt like such a voyeur, sitting there watching his sons struggle through their speeches. The funny thing is, I actually knew that they would understand; in the end, Bobby couldn't be left alone, and they all know about Gayle and her illness, so I'm sure they understood why I was there.

Bobby was young, well known, and well liked, so the funeral was an absolute mob scene. Fellow Allderdice alum Edgar Snyder was there, and I managed to resist the urge to do my interpretation of my Grandmother's adorable impression of him ("I'll get money for YOU!").

Gayle wanted to do the graveside service as well, so we schlepped out to who knows where. Driving in funeral processions is the worst. Gayle said that she hadn't eaten today, and, while I gave her the smooshed Luna bar I had in the bottom of my purse, she didn't actually eat that either. I mostly just spent the better part of the day making sure she didn't fall down.

I had all these big plans for what I would do with the rest of my day -- laundry, errands, etc. -- but when I got home at around 2:30, I was completely wiped. I thought "I'll go snuggle with the cats for a moment," and ended up passing out cold. At least I'm getting the laundry accomplished now.

Luckily I still have one more day off this week -- an extra day that I requested primarily so I could have some time away from The Co-op, and, you know, not kill Stacey. The timing was kind of excellent, as pghwob and I were locking horns earlier this week as well. Thankfully, that seems to be resolved now.

I go back to work on Saturday, and Sunday is MAD Day. Sunday should be an extravaganza in its own right, as we have my Grandmother's unveiling scheduled for 1:00 (a year and a half late, but oh well), with a family brunch beforehand. If I have even an ounce of sanity left by day's end, it'll be no small miracle.

Oh, and the latest Antioch news? The new president basically sent out an open letter saying "please stop the alumni from sending me 6,000 emails." I forwarded his remarks to my (extensive) alumni mailing list, and AOL responded by locking down my account. Great. Additional hassles are just what I needed today. The mass email did garner a really great response from planetjupiter, though. I need to write back to him soon.
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