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Well, my birthday is still a few weeks away, but apparently the presents have just begun to roll in.

When I went downstairs to check the mail today, I found I had not one but two postcards from Big Burrito Restaurant Group, each good for a free entree during the week of my birthday. I remember last year I enjoyed my free entree at Mad Mex (with Rob), and was chided by several folks afterward for using my free entree coupon at Big Burrito's least expensive restaurant. But you know what? I don't care. They have vegan sour cream and that makes me happy.

Now the decision: do I help myself to two free dinners, or do I find someone else who has a birthday at the same time as mine (like lilostitch, perhaps) and make a night of it? Ah well. I've still got three weeks to decide.

But as if getting free meals wasn't excitement enough, I found another surprise in my mailbox: ratphooey sent me the most fabulous pair of socks! Referring to them as just a "pair of socks" does not do them justice: imagine these, only wool, bright red, and way more colorful. It was a most random and wonderful surprise. I laughed loudly and heartily as I opened the package and put them on. Thanks, ratphooey!

This birthday is kind of weird for me. I'm turning 36 this year, and 36 was how old my birthmother was when she died. Now, I know that our lives have taken different paths. By the time she was my age, my birthmother had three kids (including me), and, well, cancer. I have none of these things (I'm bummed for not having kids, but understandably glad for not having cancer). So intellectually I know that merely being 36 years old is not a death sentence. But it still makes me extraordinarily superstitious.

I really want to have a party again this year, although I'm pretty stumped as to where. Again, I've still got a few weeks to plan, but as of now, I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do.

And unrelated to birthday presents or birthday angst: Allisyn called (when I was still very much asleep) this morning, and my interview for M.O.D. is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!
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