Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Time Flies When You're Not A Paranoid Lunatic

I don't usually mark anniversaries like this, but what the hell --

As of tonight, it will be six years since the last time I shot up or did cocaine. The last time I did heroin was around the same time, but probably a few weeks earlier.

I just got a call from n0thingman, and apparently I'm picking him up in about an hour, so the rest of this update will have to be brief. The gist of it is simple anyway: I stopped shooting up when Cocaine Bob got an infection in his heart from using dirty needles. It ate away his mitral valve and he had to have it replaced with a mechanical one. Open heart surgery at the tender age of 29.

And then, of course, what ultimately killed him wasn't his heart or the drugs but rather a drunk driver.

But anyway, there it is. hopita: needle-free since 2000.
Tags: bob hemelrick, cocaine, death, drugs, heroin, me, orange mike

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