Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Two Jews, Three Opinions*

Ah, my day off. POS was a go yesterday, and now I get a three day weekend before diving headfirst back into the front end.

I stopped by The Co-op for just a minute today. Picked up next week's schedule, and it's not the greatest.

I'm back on nights again, which is fine, but at least for next week, my days off are Wednesday and Thursday, which blows. And doubtless folks will recall that I've already applied for another promotion there, so I'm full aware that I shouldn't get too comfy in this new schedule just yet.

C'est la vie. My Mother always gets on my case for not making doctors appointments in a timely manner, and I always try to explain to her that this is the exact reason why.

* This entry's title was a nod to this post, where I asked for advice and absolutely everyone who responded had something different to say than the person before them.
Tags: eefc, jew, mom

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