Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Point of Sale panic

OK, so now I'm maybe a little bit self-conscious about my last post, so I'll offer this by way of explanation:

The Co-op goes live tomorrow with Point of Sale. Just 11 minutes remaining for the use of our old registers. We're more ready than we were on our original target date, but there are still plenty of questions up in the air.

The added bonus is that the first shift that I'm scheduled back on the front end is this coming Sunday, for MAD Day. Next to no fucking training on the actual use of the system and my baptism by fire will be the busiest day of the month.

I was originally scheduled to have the next four days off, but our General Manager said they could use me tomorrow, so I will be working after all. Officially it'll still be doing POS stuff, but unofficially, Allisyn said I could get some time on the registers just so I feel a little more grounded and ready.

And yes, the fact that I'm this freaked out about work makes me feel like the biggest dork ever.
Tags: allisyn, eefc, freaking out, mad day

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