Hopita (hopita) wrote,

More pictures, mostly Co-op related

Unfortunately, the Veruca Salt pictures aren't ready yet (I use film, not digital), but I did pick up another roll of film today of Co-op type folks.

The pictures:

Sonya at the old CS desk

Doug and Bodhi

Stacey, Allisyn and Sonya at the old CS desk

Stacey at the old CS desk



Evan and Opie

Evan and Opie and Tino

Joseph and Kevin

Joseph and Kevin

Nick and Jim (and Evan in the background)

Saprina and Shannon at the new CS desk

Nick installing the new POS terminal

Nick and Jim


Doug and Stacey

Jacob and Opie being cute

Jacob and Opie being cute



Tom O.


Scott, Tom O. and Thrasher

AFRICArdo and Scott

I'm hoping to have pictures from last night by week's end. I'll post them as soon as I can.

* I love this picture
** This picture is kind of weird and doesn't really look like me, but oh well
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