Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Veruca Salt!!!

Oh yes, oh yes, it's another Veruca Salt post. I just got home from seeing Veruca Salt with lilostitch and deek, and holy fuck did they kick ass.

They opened with "So Weird" (which I knew they would) and closed with "Hellraiser" (which is also the song they closed with last year). Louise said all the women there were totally hot (and Steve said the men were pretty hot too), and when she tossed some flowers out to the audience, I caught the only one that wasn't a rose.

I was super jealous of deek, because after lilostitch and I headed home from the show last year, he stuck around and got to meet Lousie Post. Well, this year, we all stayed, and this year, we all met her. We all got our pictures taken with her (I promise to post them as soon as possible), and she signed my copy of Resolver (still in my opinion their best album). We chatted for a minute about Chicago and all of the shows at The Double Door that I tried to get in to (but that were always sold out).

And now I'm fucking so pumped up on adrenaline that I feel like I'm never going to sleep again. I think I'm having a band-related orgasm. I don't know what it is about Veruca Salt, but I've learned not to mess with it: whatever the reason why, their music has this uncanny ability to keep me rooted firmly to the ground at the moments when I feel the most like I'm disintegrating.

I called pghwob when I got home and I think I mostly just shrieked in his ear. And _aqualung_, I hope this post will explain why I was just in no state to respond to your message when I received it. Maybe once my pulse returns to normal.

Louise Post gave me a flower. And an autograph. Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!
Tags: alan, brushes with greatness, deek, lilostitch, music, pghwob, veruca salt

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