September 15th, 2009

Frida Kahlo 3

Partial Recovery.

I found most of the missing emails. It seems to be some sort of glitch with AOL 9.1; I remembered I had an old AOL 9.0 disk, reinstalled it, and everything worked as expected.

However, somehow what got saved was an old version from the last time my computer died. That means all of my emails from January through last week are still gone, which is still a great loss.

So now here's my dilemma:

I kept AOL for all of these years because all of those emails were stored there. Yesterday, thinking they were gone forever, I set up a gmail account and sent a "goodbye, cruel AOL" email to pretty much everyone I'd ever met. Now that I've recovered (most of) those emails, I'm not sure what to do.

Pros and cons:

* I like my AOL screen name much better than I like my gmail screen name. "Hopita" has been my online identity since ... well, since I've been online. Had (or, or, or any similar derivative thereof) been available, I would have snatched it up no worries. "Hopalessence" is nice (it's a Dan nickname -- he calls me "hopalescent one" sometimes), but it's long, and it has a lot of potential for spelling errors ("hopalessence"? "hopalescence"? "hopalessense"?) and the like.

* With gmail, I don't risk having this happen again. AOL apparently has some sort of "premium" thing where you can make sure that this shit won't happen, but I'd have to pay more for it.

* Oh yea, the money. gmail free. AOL not so free. And to make sure that I don't lose everything again, they're gonna ask me to bend over. And that's money that could be going toward the data plan for the iPhone I so desperately wanted.

So there's my dilemma. Bare minimum, gmail will be pulling copies of all of my AOL emails for 30 days, so I at least have some time to decide while I'm covered in both places.

Tomato Tongue

A Bunny Story I Forgot.

When I wrote my previous post about Bunny, there was one of her famous stories that I forgot to share.

When Bunny was a little girl, she was kidnapped.

When she was very young, Bunny's family moved to Washington, DC. One day, Bunny was playing on the porch of her family's home and someone snatched her. She was returned home several hours later, unharmed, and without explanation.

No one knows for sure if the story is true (my mother has always had her doubts), but Bunny's son told the story at the funeral, so that makes it True Enough (AKA "Family Lore") for me.

The funeral was OK. It was hard for me to be in a Synagogue, but that's got to do with other stuff. I felt awkward and clueless and had no idea what to say or do, so I just clung to my Mom.
driving 2

Missing text post.

I sent a txtlj post many hours ago, while on my way to Bunny's funeral. It doesn't appear to have made it online, so I figured I'd repost. I said:

.95 cents?!? Fuck you -- I'll skate to the beach! And I'll look better getting there ...

This popped into my head because the toll on the turnpike was .95 cents. For anyone confused by the non-sequitur, it's a line from an old Faith No More song.