September 13th, 2009

Me & Aaron 6


Hi all. I'm at work now.

I talked to n0thingman last night, and it looks like I should be getting my computer back today, which should help a lot in terms of my feeling so isolated.

I can't write much now because I have to punch in for work (MAD Day -- fanfuckingtastic), but I wanted to say thanks to all of you.

You're the best. Truly. Real replies when I have some time.
Frida Kahlo 3


I'm back at home and back on my old laptop. n0thingman has restored my computer to life and rescued it from viruses, both of which are good things. But there's a problem:

Every email I've ever written or received is gone.

He saved the files that have always restored them in the past. I've gone to the help menu and tried every option. Nothing.

The saved files appear to be from January, which means that yes, a lot of stuff would be gone. But everything is gone.

It makes no sense. Or it made no sense at first. Now it's just got me completely shutting down. Numb. Nauseous.

The phrase "the last straw" leaps to mind. I think I'm gonna hurl.