July 30th, 2009

Philadelphia smirk

Composting fail.

I've been thinking a lot lately about starting to compost in my kitchen. I did some googling last night and found out that the Pennsylvania Resources Council was hosting a vermicomposting class on Saturday at Construction Junction. Vermicomposting was the form of composting that I most wanted to try but I was afraid of screwing it up, so the idea of getting started by way of a two hour class seemed perfect.

I emailed them last night as soon as I saw the class listed on their site. Was there still room left? Was it too late to register? They emailed me this morning. The class was "...cancelled [sic] due to insufficient enrollment." Meh.

So now I'm trying to decide between a Bokashi Bin or maybe just something like this. I admit it: I'm too scared to try the worms without some instruction.

The PRC is actually having a composting class at The Co-op in early September, but it's backyard composting, meaning giant bins that live in an outdoor space (which, as an apartment dweller, I don't have). Again I say "meh."
Jew Pie

Julie & Julia & Mom & Dad

We got a bunch of free passes at work for a preview screening of Julie & Julia tonight. I took my mother.

It was very meat-centric (which I expected). What I didn't expect was that it was really laugh-out-loud funny.

It was a packed house full of Co-op peeps (having free passes at the customer service desk will do that). And while I'm the girl who never gets phone calls (well, except from my fellah), I managed to miss two calls during the movie: The first from varro, looking to make plans for tomorrow (lunch at quietstormpgh -- yaay!), and the second from my Dad, saying that my Mom wasn't answering her phone and asking where we were.

This is odd primarily because he knew exactly where we were. We were at a movie, and my mother had specifically told him that she would be turning her phone off because we would be at a movie.

Sigh. It's great to see your parents get old and crazy.

Anyway, Julie & Julia opens next weekend. It's worth checking out. And yes, if you're vegan, you're probably going to get squicked more than once or twice.

Also, random and unrelated, but I'm finally not completely broke, so I bought myself a present: a book written by a childhood friend. I've really been itching to do him a solid and pick up his book, and I'm glad I was finally able to. It just arrived today and I'm excited to read it.