May 29th, 2009

driving 2


Home, after a hellacious drive. There were thunderstorms of near-Biblical proportions all the way from Bedford to Somerset. I had to pull over and stop twice due to complete and total rain blindness.

But now I'm home, and showered, and vegging out to Craig Ferguson. If only I hadn't had all of that caffeine for the drive, maybe I might be able to sleep. This headache isn't helping anything either.

Pictures soon.
Annapolis Hat 2

Condom directions.

Tuesday afternoon, I got to spend an hour or so sitting in one of my favorite DC hangout spots: Dupont Circle. There was a street musician/busker there named Noah Woods, who I quite enjoyed. You'll see a little more of him once I get my travel photos uploaded, but for now, here's a little something I found on YouTube:

His friends are trying to be funny with the whole condom/bottle/dog thing, but really, I think they detract.