May 26th, 2009

Ohio sunset

David Kotker

Hello and greetings from Washington, DC. Instead of regaling you with tales of the long drive (Memorial Day traffic, yo) or the yummy dinner (at Himalayan Heritage), I think I need to tell you what vulgarweed just told me:

David Kotker died.

He apparently died several years ago, but I'm only just finding out. I had looked him up several years ago and saw that he was living and working in Amsterdam. He did my very first tattoo, back in 1993. I'd been thinking seriously about getting it touched up -- years of outdoor swimming have left the lines fuzzy and the detail blurred. I went as far as to have a consult with another artist last summer, but I didn't love his vibe and didn't go back. He talked about basically redoing the whole thing (and quoted me a price of 3x what I paid for the original) and now, knowing that David is gone, it makes me all the less likely to want somebody that I don't like to touch up his work.

Anyway, this just kind of took my breath away, so I wanted to share.

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