February 18th, 2009

Me & Aaron

My Boyfriend, The Geek.

I'm currently sitting at ... MacSERV? I think. It's a computer place in South Jersey and I've come to hear aaronbenedict speak. He's such a wiseguy. I love listening to him crack his silly jokes.

So far this trip we've had dinner with his father and stepmother, and we almost had lunch with ratphooey, but a sick child necessitated her begging off at the last moment. We did get to I. Goldberg's, however (and those of you who are familiar with Philadelphia know the awesomeness that is I. Goldberg).

But mostly today was all about the nap. Six hours of driving followed immediately by meeting his father and stepmother left me a sleepy, sleepy girl. So after his meeting this morning, we bought long johns at Goldberg's, had lunch at Maccabeam, and then basically slept until now.

Tomorrow he leaves. This sucks, although the happy bit of tomorrow is that I'll get to hang out with ratphooey and her crew. This week is going much too quickly, as always.

OK. I should maybe start paying attention here ...