November 5th, 2008

Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

A few words about California.

Amongst the great news and celebration last night, there was some bad news as well: Proposition 8 passed in California.

Ellen DeGeneres went to be a happily married woman last night and woke up single, her marriage having been annulled by 52.5% of the residents of California.

I try to tell myself that these things take time, and that the Civil Rights Movement had a 10 year head start on the Gay Rights Movement. I remind myself that 40 years ago, Mayor Richard J. Daley's Chicago Police were busting heads open in Grant Park, the same park where Barack Obama spoke to a crowd of 700,000 last night and gave his acceptance speech as the first African-American President-elect of the United States. I remind myself that it's been 40 years since The Chicago 8 became the Chicago 7 when Bobby Seale was bound and gagged and eventually removed from the courtroom. Oh what a difference 40 years makes.

But the joy and elation of Chicago is definitely marred by the shock and sadness over California. California, I expected better from you. I hope that it takes a lot less than 40 years for history to look back on Proposition 8 and recognize it for the travesty that it is.