October 26th, 2008

Frida Kahlo 3

The party.

But what I wanted to write about when I got home was the party. draw_in_yellow: I met someone who knows you, or at least knows of you.

He's gay. He's an EMT. He's also a funeral director (conflict of interest?). And, as I discovered after some guy came over asking if anyone had any weed to sell (no one did), he's also a cop.

It was pretty funny.

kdiddy, your buddy (and mine) Dr. Closet Case was also there. I think maybe he lives there, or knows the people who do? I dunno. I only saw him for an instant, and he got my name wrong. No biggie.

There were sideshows and games (I won an inflatable monkey!) and a burlesque show and even a roller coaster! Sadly, I waited to long to ride it; it went off the tracks and it was getting too crowded and too cold for me to want to wait around any longer.

Pictures ... eventually.

And clearly this is going to be the Halloween of Ashley Todd. It made me feel special to pass by *that* ATM on my way home.