September 19th, 2008

1977 Jewish Chronicle

Oh Wow.

A long while ago, pghwob clued me in to the Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project -- a CMU project that is scanning old issues of The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle (which still exists) and The Pittsburgh Jewish Criterion (which does not) and posting them online. They started at the beginning (the early 1900s) and have been working their way through chronologically.

And they finally got to the issue that has my picture in it.

I still remember having that picture taken.

I was at summer camp -- The James & Rachel Levinson Day Camp of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (try putting that on a T-shirt) and I was madly in love with the Israeli exchange student counselors. I always had short hair, and my mother always had short hair, but Zehava and Yael both had long hair, and my favorite thing was when they would let me braid their hair.

So we were out by the pool and some photographer (dude?) just sort of pointed out me and Nikki and Jennie and told us to go sit over there by Zehava and Yael. I don't think Jennie (who I don't really remember) or Nikki (who I do) or I had any clue what was going on, because none of us are looking at the camera. But I do remember Zehava trying to get me to look at the photographer, but no -- I was way too geeked to have the chance to play with her hair -- so she gave up and the photographer snapped the picture and there it is.

Now. On the internet. Forever. Which is fanfuckingtastic, because I've always really loved that picture.
Antioch 1991


About three and a half years ago, I lost my Antioch class ring.

Today a random person on Facebook emailed to tell me that she found it, and has had it all this time.

She found me because we have two friends in common. One -- Amy -- is an old friend of mine from Youth Cry. The other -- Sara -- is actually someone that I don't know, but we have caelidh as a friend in common, so I suspect that's how we became Facebook friends.

So seriously guys: how weird is that?

Weirder still: That class ring was the momentous thing that I lost immediately before meeting unixd0rk. So you tell me: what sort of a sign is it that it was found again immediately before I'm supposed to meet Mr. Out Of My League? (Who, incidentally, could probably use a better nickname ...)