September 18th, 2008


Opie update.

I talked to the doctor today. Opie's throid function is off, but his T4 is a 3.8 (any medical types out there -- feel free to translate this info) which is (I gather) elevated, but not off the charts. And because the medicine apparently will mess with his kidneys (which have actually improved slightly; apparently his creatinine number was a little lower than last time -- again, if anyone medical wants to explain what this means, go for it).

So the long story short is that we're going to do nothing. I may try some other foods to help him put some weight back on -- the doctor suggested meat baby foods, or (urg!) cooking him actual from-the-butcher-shop liver (I don't think I could stomach that). I know when Stoney was losing weight at the end I had good success with giving her whole milk. Unfortunately, milk increases mucus production, and Opie's tumor is in his sinus. Long story short: the best thing I know to give him for his thyroid and kidneys would be the worst thing to give him for his nose and sinuses.

So we all just keep plugging along. Meh.