March 9th, 2008

Seattle's Pike Place Market

Time keeps on slipping and slipping and slipping ...

Yea, so I fucked up today.

It was around 2:15 (or so I thought) and Joey Coconuts called me. "Are you coming in for your C.S. shift?" he asked. "Yea, but it doesn't start for an hour," I replied. "Um, Hope: Daylight Savings Time."

D'oh! Yup. hopita, who is never late, managed to come in a full 33 minutes late for her shift today. Oops.

Once I'd arrived, I think I figured out what my brain did. I'd seen the signs, and watched the news, but I think some piece of my subconscious decided that it was too soon for Daylight Savings Time, so we (meaning "me") would wait and do it when it felt more appropriate.

If I lived in Arizona (or the western half of Indiana) this would fly. In Pittsburgh, not so much.

I guess Indiana doesn't do that anymore. And I forgot about Hawaii.