February 3rd, 2008

Pink Hat

Super Bowl Sunday.

By virtue of an accident in scheduling, I have today off. I had requested 03-02 off (to go see ani difranco with Shannon and Kerry) but Allisyn transposed the numbers and gave me today off. Oops. Too bad I didn't know that until after I'd already arrived at work and punched in.

Back when I was dating unixd0rk, his friends martinivixen and mistergone would have football-watching parties and would invite us over to their house. I remember watching the Super Bowl at their house two years ago, even though I'd been scheduled to work that day as well (the Steelers were in the Super Bowl that year; we closed the store early due to "lack of interest").

I wish I knew people now who hosted football parties, but apparently I do not. If anyone wants to invite me to their home (& their home is a reasonable distance away), you should give me a call (friendslocked phone number listed here, toward the end of the post).

Otherwise GO ... uh ... whoever's playing! Woo!