February 2nd, 2008

Aisle 5

Customers suck.

The customers are working my very last nerve today. I just had a guy give me the old "but I've been a customer here for twenty years!" line when I told him that we had to hold his expensive bottle of essential oil at the desk until he was ready to check out. Guess what, bucko: if you've been shopping here for twenty years, then you should already know that it's our store policy to hold oils at the desk until the customer checks out.

And I'm still mad at the fucking bitch who called this morning looking for a supplement for her dog, but who was apparently unable to turn down her television or speak in a reasonable tone of voice. She eventually hung up on me because of the honest answer I gave to her question "well, what if it wasn't my dog -- what if I told you that I had severe anemia?" (in case you're wondering, the answer was "I'd suggest you see a doctor, or ask you what your doctor recommended.").

People, we are a grocery store. I went to film school, OK? Do you really want me to treat and diagnose your medical conditions? Trust me -- if something's wrong, you want to seek actual medical attention.

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Pink Hat

Sara's birthday party & random other pictures

Here are pictures from Sara's birthday party last weekend. For a once it was somebody other than Brent who took their clothes off (no, not me), though there are still plenty of pictures of Brent in compromising positions.

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* Makin' puppies
** I love these pictures -- just look at their faces!
*** Well look who took off their pants *this* time ...
**** I ♥ the Marlboro Man