November 23rd, 2007

Antioch Reunion 2007 2

Victor Rabinowitz, 96, Leftist Lawyer, Dies

While searching the New York Times for the obituary of a friend of my aunt's, I stumbled upon the obituary of someone else: Victor Rabinowitz.

Victor Rabinowitz was my friend Joni's father. Joni is an Antiochian from the 60s, and was the recipient of the 2002 Horace Mann Award. For those non-Antiochians out there, the Horace Mann Award is given to individuals who have "won some victory for humanity." No small order.

Her father, Victor Rabinowitz, was a lawyer who defended Castro and Alger Hiss. His autobiography has Scott Sanders' all-time favorite title for a memoir: Unrepentant Leftist.

I never met Victor Rabinowitz, but I'm very fond of his daughter Joni, and I didn't want his death to pass unnoticed.
Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

So now that I have a few minutes ...

The birthday festivities began with a trip with draw_in_yellow to see the BODIES exhibit at The Carnegie Science Center SportsWorks. It was wicked cool, as expected. The photos on the website are misleading, though -- since the bodies no longer have blood flowing through them, there are no areas that are distinctly red or pink; everything's kind of a putty beige. Nevertheless, I got to celebrate my 37th birthday by holding an actual human brain in my hand (and a heart too!), so that was pretty cool.

Evening festivities involved a trip to Mad Mex with lurpy, Jeremy, Krissy, Krissy's boyfriend-du-jour, and LaShaun. draw_in_yellow got waylaid by personal drama, pghwob was sick and n0thingman was exhausted, but the rest of us crammed into a booth and had a good time. Dr. Closet Case also randomly appeared, though he was with another party.

Krissy and her boy-toy left, and lurpy, Jeremy, LaShaun and I ended up at 5801, a gay bar that I hadn't been to since it was still in its previous incarnation (New York, New York). Clearly LaShaun must have a doppelganger, because man after man came up to her like she was their long lost best friend. One man stopped her on the stairs, declaring that he could eat her up with a spoon. lurpy asked did she know him and she said she'd never seen him before in her life. And it just kept happening!

Also, I maybe should have considered the implications of wearing a tiara to a gay bar. Everybody wanted to know what I was the queen of, and I'd neglected to prepare a snappy retort.

Then I came home, smoked up, crawled into my PJs and watched Criminal Minds, which I'd taped so I could see the outcome of last week's Garcia fiasco. Thankfully, she lived. Even better, they seem to have introduced a computer geek love interest for her. Yaay!