October 29th, 2007

Antioch Hall 3

Random Antioch Thoughts.

OK, now that I've gotten The Spirit of '73 out of the way, I thought I'd share some random thoughts about my weekend at Antioch:

• I loved the moment, during the dance, when the security guard walked into the dance space. Because you know what he did as soon as he walked in? He started dancing.

• During the "thank you" portion of Community Meeting, a woman from town started yelling at everyone, saying we shouldn't be thanking each other because we hadn't (yet) achieved victory. I kept thinking about this, and about what the possibilities were. We could all do this tremendous pile of work, and keep on working, and be unsatisfied until we'd achieved victory, or else we could all do this giant pile of work, and take a moment here or there to tell each other "hey -- you're doing good stuff there -- keep up the good work!" Yea, I definitely like our way better ...

• Gerry told me that, after seven years, he'd randomly heard from my ex, David. I am absurdly excited about this news. I would love to have a conversation with him again. He and I were really good friends once upon a time.

• I really hope that the Board of Trustees votes (and votes YES) on Halloween. I think that would be a perfectly appropriate day for us to have as part of our collective history.

planetjupiter, caelidh and I all went to see Ed Radtke's* new film, The Speed of Life. If you have the opportunity to see this film, you absolutely should.

• Oh yea -- speaking of Chicago and filmmakers, remember that guy whose Antioch YouTube thing I posted on here? Yea, well, I met him this weekend, and I really liked him. He's in post production with his new project, which promises to be interesting.

• Speaking of meeting new people, when I met one woman (whose name I've since forgotten) from the class of 1965, she asked if I was the Hope who had once been Community Manager. I said no, but was secretly ecstatic to finally be mistaken for an Antioch Hope who wasn't the one who got expelled for having a twanky sex party ...

* Ed Radtke is a Yellow Springs filmmaker who I got to know very briefly when I worked at Facets in Chicago. His work is absolutely beautiful.