October 15th, 2007

Me & Opie

The Rule of Three.

Why do bad things always come in threes?

First, I got robbed. Then I got kicked off of my favorite website*.

Well, I've just returned home from the vet. Opie doesn't appear to be doing very well. We've known he's had kidney issues for a while**. As of right now he's dehydrated, he's lost more than 2 lbs. since May (bringing him down to 5 lbs., 8 oz.), and he's spending the day at the vet's for more tests. (Also as of now I've no sign of my money or the burglar, and my Where's George account is still suspended, with as of yet no instructions on how to reactivate it).

I've called work and let them know that I've had a feline veterinary crisis today and may be late, or leave early, or something. Dan's out sick but Mark was very cool, which (thankfully) makes work the least of my worries right now.

*well, you know, aside from this one
**so long that I was apparently still friends with The Bitch Who Stole My Boyfriend back then


Opie is dying.

The vet called and none of it was good news. The -- somebody medical help me out here -- BUN (?) and creatnine (?) numbers have both doubled, which is apparently a bad thing. He's dehydrated. He's constipated. He's going to need subcutaneous fluids daily from here on out.

I'm at work. I leave to pick him up in an hour, when I will be getting a refresher course in sticking a kitty with a needle.

I am in shock.