April 6th, 2007

Me pink

Voice Post:

242K 1:11
“hopita: So get this: Wait, I have to actually stop talking because the fireman's coming back again ...

fireman: Do me a favor and pull over there as much as you can.

hopita: To the left? Oy vey. Um, huh huh OK, so here's the deal: The ... which way am I pulling over? OK. I'm ... I am like half a mile from my apartment. I've been driving ... let's see, it's 9:30? I've been driving for five hours now, and, like twenty feet in front of me there is apparently a truck that has flipped over and so I am going to be sitting here on the road for the next half hour to forty five minutes um, um, with my apartment like walking distance from here, um, so that's, uh, huh, that's the end of my DC trip. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, fuckin' a. Alright. Well, I will, yea ... ha! Arrrgh.”

Transcribed by: hopita