February 10th, 2007

windswept 2

Screw J-Lo -- I wanna be Rosie Perez!

On weekends I work in the Supplements aisle, and this involves a lot of crawling around on the floor. This weekend, fed up with banging the crap out of my knees, I dug out my bright yellow knee pads. Now, lately, I've been wearing leg warmers to work (the bright purple ones I've had since 1983) because it's been really fucking cold outside. Let's just say there's been no shortage of opinions on my new look.

Of course, with the knee pads, the Lewinsky jokes abound. pghwob told me that his Grandfather once bought knee pads for his Grandmother, although he swore it was housework -- and not Lewinsky -- related. Stacey said I looked like I was about to dive into some serious performance art. Somebody said the yellow knee pads with my mostly black outfit looked like some sort of belated "Go Steelers!" type thing. Sprout said I looked like Punky Brewster.

But you know why I love Nick? Because Nick said I looked like one of The Fly Girls.

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