February 3rd, 2007

windswept 2


Today at work I whacked my head on a shelf. I didn't knock myself out, but I did knock myself down, as in my head hit and then my knees buckled, and down I went to the floor.

I tried to sit at C.S. but customers kept asking me questions, so I went to the breakroom where Debbie and I found a bag of peas in the freezer and held them to my head for a while. Sprout said he would supervise me, but then he got bored and left.

Later I saw Chris, the extraordinarily pretty customer that I always bat my eyelashes at. Right in the instant that I went to say hello, Sprout interrupted us and picked a fight, bitching me out about that stupid fortune cookie fortune. He wanted me to hang it on a bulletin board. I wanted to keep it. I offered a compromise -- I'd make a photocopy and hang that on the board. And you know what? It was my goddamn motherfucking cookie.

Then he said he was just kidding, and Chris looked at me like we were a giant bag of mixed nuts, and then I went and photocopied that damn fortune and now all I want to do is cry.

Do you ever just get overwhelmed? Do you ever want your mother to come scoop you up like she did when you were a child and just call everything off and hold you until you stop crying?