February 2nd, 2007

windswept 2

Update on the Jacob update.

Jacob may not be coming home today.

I spoke to the vet about an hour ago. Jacob hasn't peed yet. Anybody remember that first trip to the vet? Yea, he wouldn't pee then either. Thankfully, the vet remembers that too. So the dilemma becomes leave him at the vet where he'll be watched, but also completely stressed out, or take him home, where he'll be happy to be home, but will be unsupervised until I'm done with work later this evening.

The compromise? The vet and I will speak to each other later this afternoon and figure it out then. And if he's OK to come home, then I'll still have to leave him unsupervised, but it will only be for about three hours, as opposed to for about eight hours.

And if he's not OK to come home this afternoon? Then he has to spend another night alone in a cage, and will come home tomorrow morning before I go to work, when he'll definitely have to spend eight hours here unsupervised.

Wish us all luck.