June 15th, 2006

Me pink

Post card from Gayle

I mentioned to bishopjoey in another post that Gayle sent me my very first piece of mail. When I was at my parents' house earlier this evening, I found it. I wanted to share it with everyone now:

July 1972*

Hi Hope ... I finally received your photo & now 1/2 of Warsaw has seen you as well! I tell everyone, of course, that you are much bigger now ..... but I just don't know if you could be more BEAUTIFUL! How's your crawling lessons comming [sic] along? (Bet you are already able to crawl on your own!) Hope your Mom did good on her orals ..... I'm sure she did! I've begun to travel around Poland & it's a magnificent country .... so rich in the folk art that I'm in search of! I'll be anxious to show you my slides someday! Stay well & give my love to your parents .... I send you love, Gayle

(*note: the date is smudged, but it's definitely July. I'm iffy on the 1972 part, though it's a good guess. It looks like 1970, but that's too early, and it's definitely not 1971. And by 1973 we had moved to a different address.)

Tonight, when I went to visit Gayle, she told me that I was very pretty. At some later point in the evening, it made me feel incredibly sad that the only person who would tell me I was pretty was someone who had obviously lost her mind.

But that's a tangent for another post.