April 27th, 2006

Me pink


I wanted to write a note of thanks.

Thanks to raanve, who sent me a wonderful care package, which I just received today (well, I suppose, technically yesterday now). She sent incense (so far I've tried the Magic Garden and the Tibetan Orchid), a very cute little incense holder, and a mix CD. Reading the track listing, I laughed out loud when I saw she had included the song "Seether" by Veruca Salt. It's good to know when people are paying attention.

And I realized that I never made a public thank you to bishopjoey. A few weeks ago, he sent me a package all the way from Prague. Two CDs, and a wonderfully long and typically illegible letter (I remember once years ago vulgarweed and I puzzling over a note from him for hours and ultimately deciding that he had gotten his "cantaloupe" pierced).

Thanks to both of you, and to everyone else who has offered me such kindness these past few months. It's been an incredibly hard time, and it's kindnesses such as these which give me such hope for the future. Thanks.