February 1st, 2006

Me pink

Work news

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a promotion at work to part time Manager on Duty. Yesterday they conducted second interviews. When it was my turn, they brought me in, closed the door, and our General Manager basically said "we really, really like you but you didn't get the job" (I actually replied "Wow! Shortest interview EVER!")

Now here's the kicker: then they told me that they were promoting me to a different job: Customer Service.

This is somewhat "w00t"able.

It's a promotion, and a raise, both of which are (obviously) Good Things. The down side is that I had had the sweetest schedule in the world (Sunday through Thursday with Friday and Saturday off, and all evening shifts), and that, starting Monday, I'll be back to where I was a year ago -- with a schedule that changes every week, and will likely involve some instances of working until 9:30 one night just to get up and be back at the store by 8:00 the next morning.

When I applied for the Manager on Duty position, I anticipated these changes. The thing is that I knew I was willing to make these changes in order to be a Manager, but I'm not totally sure that it'll be worth it to be a Customer Service rep.

But, in the end, I'm willing to give it a try. I understand that Customer Service is basically the first step that I need to take if I want to be any sort of manager ever. And hey -- if it sucks, I can always go back to being a cashier.

I start on Monday. Wish me luck.