January 17th, 2006

Me pink


I'm trying to decide whether to call in sick to work, or whether to load up on the Dayquil, suck it up, and go in. I'm not really sure which side is winning.
Me pink

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Well, I tried to go to work, but they sent me home. Being sick at The Co-op was exactly what you'd expect: everyone was offering me their special little tinctures and potions; the supplements guy was pouring echinacea down my throat, and Coconut Joe was passing around little paper cups full of oregano oil like something out of Jonestown. In the end, Allisyn called around and found someone to cover for me, then came out and told me that I looked like I needed to go back to sleep. I think I'm about to do that. The couch seems to be calling out to me louder than the bed -- maybe I'll put in a movie (why, oh why, did I leave that copy of I [Heart] Huckabees at unixd0rk's house? Oh well).