November 17th, 2005

33rd birthday

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Hello, I'm bored.

Just tried to IM n0thingman, unixd0rk ... momacress was right that if you don't smoke, there's kinda a whole lotta nothing to do around here on breaks. It was different in the summer -- gorgeous weather made just loitering outside kinda fun. But today it's like 27 degrees out.

Ah well. Smoked 1 1/2 cigarettes last night while helping unixd0rk rip up carpets. More carpet after work tonight, and who knows if that means more tobacco as well. It's a process. I seem to do better in the mornings than at night. And if I'm having a party on Saturday ... well, what are the odds that I'll make it through that night smoke-free?

Oh, and on the petty annoyances list, today I found out that someone else at work is having a party on Saturday -- a housewarming. True, hers starts several hours before mine, but, well, OK, this sounds so grade school to say, but she's way more popular than I am, and I'm kinda afraid that everyone will go to her party and not mine. Is that horribly sad and shallow? Wait, don't answer that question ...

OK, here's me killing yet more time until my break is over. Whee!