November 15th, 2005

33rd birthday

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OK, so the cigarettes I was gonna give to Fuzzy Wobbly? Yea, looks like I'm gonna be smokin' those myself. Urgh. I'm frustrated with myself, to be sure, tho I also know that I do much better when I don't have any cigarettes in my house (or car, or bag, or ...), so perhaps tomorrow will be a better day as far as that goes.

And as long as we're bitching about things that annoy me, what the fuck is up with my jeans? My big jeans kept falling off of me -- OK, so I've been stressed, haven't been eating, I've probably lost a little weight. So I put on my smaller jeans -- the jeans that are still kind of snug -- and they keep falling down too! Are they just poorly designed, or am I some sort of mutant shape-shifter? I really have no clue.