November 14th, 2005

33rd birthday

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OK, so let's see ...

One of my favorite people at work is out because he has Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (it sounds miserable) ...

One of my other favorite people is all stressed out because she had to drive someone three hours to State College (and then drive herself back to Pittsburgh) last night after work ...

Me, I'm just bored, and grumpy, and lonely, and whatever the fuck else ... I'm trying not to smoke (again) and it really does leave me with next to nothing to do on my breaks. I've eaten, I've moved my car, I've read my email, and now I'm updating my LiveJournal with nonsense. Sounds about right.

I did find a great gift for Mr. Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, tho. Kinda hafta wait til I get home tonight to order it. Oh well.

Hey -- wanna see my quitmeter again?

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33rd birthday

Ya win some, ya lose some

Three cigarettes today. D'oh! But still trying. I figure tomorrow I'll give the rest of the pack to Fuzzy Wobbly -- that should make him absurdly happy.

And I'm getting frustrated that the stuff I ordered online a week ago said it shipped nearly immediately but has yet to arrive. Stuff better be here by Saturday or I'm gonna be mad.

Oh, and speaking of Saturday, y'all need to start RSVPing for the party already. Seriously.

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