November 14th, 2004

Me pink

When the carpet's paid for, you can have a party

So last night.

I suppose I could write a huge entry all about last night -- about Steph and Kramer and all the bad decisions we three made yesterday morning and the night before, about dinner with lurpy, or the pre-party with lurpy and anjeelou.

Instead, I'll write about the end. About how I started crying after _ikeware left ... and I called him and explained why. First, over H.W.S.R.N., because he didn't show (and I knew he wouldn't, but when he emailed me on Friday for directions, I let myself hope) -- and actually, because BFunk didn't show either. Second, over Hipster -- over the fight we'd had the night before (one of the many aforementioned bad decisions), over the fact that he gave me a birthday present but wouldn't look me in the eye, respond, or even stop walking when I tried to thank him for it, but mainly because he brought a date to the party and was making out with her in the living room (after dumping me with the old "I'm not in the space where I can be involved with anyone right now" line -- and I was dumb enough to believe him).

But mainly, I was crying over _ikeware. I was crying because when he came to the party and saw what was up with Hipster, he instantly dove into a role he used to play for me sometimes at raves: Fake Boyfriend. He held my hand and kept his arm around my back and just generally made it look like "Hey Hipster -- she's got someone new too!" And I didn't ask him to do it or even say a word -- he just stepped up. So mainly, I was crying because it felt so amazing to know that I had a friend who would do that -- just step up to the plate and defend me, stick up for me like that.