January 25th, 2004

33rd birthday

Peezy's birthday, Saturday Night Live, and anarqueso's box

Today was a lovely little brunch at Quiet Storm. Sunday seems to be the day that everyone roams into Quiet Storm in a mood for leisurely conversation. Today was Peezy's 20th birthday (he's such a little puppy!) and I had made him a mix tape. Well, Peezy eventually ambled in, and, in a beautiful little moment, Ian, the owner, had everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - stop what they were doing and sing happy birthday. It was wonderful. Peezy had seemed a little sad up until that point, but it was just such a loving gesture ... it felt good to be a part of it.

I gave him his tape, and he was amused that I'd named Side A "I'm on Zoloft*." Another friendly acquaintance, Ricardo, said he wanted me to make him a tape, so now that will be my next project. It's hard to explain it, but it's a really good sign that I'm making tapes again. I stopped making tapes for a long time (and, in part, because I had no one to give them to - at least not anyone who'd appreciate them**). Now I've been making them for a handful of people and it's a good sign.

Then I came home and watched the Saturday Night Live rerun that I taped last night. Where do I start about that? At 3:30 am on Sunday morning, the local NBC affiliate airs an old SNL rerun. Until very recently, these had always been from either the 1970s (the Gilda years), or the early- to mid-1990s (the Mike Myers years). They would NEVER rerun SNLs from the 1980s***, however, and I suspected that this had something to do with the politics behind the fact that these were the years when Lorne Michaels was not affiliated with the show.

Then for some reason, about a month ago, they started randomly airing episodes from the 1980s. I was so excited I actually sent a thank you letter. 1980s Saturday Night Lives. Wow. These are the shows I remember watching as a kid.

Anyway, last night they reran the episode from February 11, 1984. Robin Williams hosted and Adam Ant was the musical guest. And get this: I remembered most of the sketches. Tim Kazurinsky in "Gandhi and the Bandit." Eddie Murphy as Clarence, the fifth Beatle. I had an almost visceral reaction to it: I remember this!

I wanted to end this post with a thank you to anarqueso. She sent me a package, which arrived yesterday, that was just chock full of, well, everything. Candy and a necklace and a scarf and a frog and a jellyfish, and the cheese ... Cheese pins, cheese stickers, and, of course, actual cheese. Yes, I must admit I am somewhat afraid of the cheese, but yes, I will be brave and ingest some. Perhaps later on this evening with my tofu noodle soup ...

* a quote from the Veruca Salt song "Disconnected"
** I dated this one man for about three years, my longest relationship ever. We had nothing in common. Nothing. I made him a tape once and he so didn't get it.
*** the early 1980s being the Joe Piscopo/Eddie Murphy years, and the late 1980s being the Billy Crystal years
33rd birthday

It's snowing again

It's snowing again. I missed the beginning of the snowfall, sitting in my room with no windows, and when I finally looked outside, the street was covered. Yes, we've heard all about Henry, but really - is that the whole reason that I have such a gut reaction to the snowfall? I see the snow and all I want to do is be held and look out the window. I want time to stop. Time did stop that night. There was a sense of stillness. We paused, and remained there, breathless.

I don't want to talk, or to fuck, or to be involved in any other distraction. I just want to sit, and to watch, and to be silent.

And that will never come.