January 5th, 2004

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More strange dreams

I was in Chicago, visiting someone. I stopped in to this really cool camera store, and there were some things that I wanted to buy, but I'd left my bag somewhere else, so I had to go back and get it. I left the store and headed back around the corner. I was lost in my head, thinking about Chicago versus Pittsburgh, how it's the little things like that amazing store that make Chicago so much fun sometimes, but how now I'm starting to have a bunch of really great friends in Pittsburgh.

I was walking and thinking about that, and about my general indecision about moving. As I rounded the corner, I went into some sort of flashback mode, remembering why I had left Chicago in the first place, and reliving that event.

A man tried to mug me - grabbing me in a choke hold with one arm and holding up a knife with the other. We struggled and I yelled and kicked; I was not about to give in. As a matter of fact, I kicked so hard that I kicked the man off of the curb and into the street, where he was hit by a car.

The next thing I remember is being back on that same corner. The same man was there, but in a wheelchair, presumably from being hit by that car. I guess he felt he had something to prove, because he tried to mug me again. Again, we struggled, and again, I shoved him out into the street - I suspect this time I rolled him out into the street - where he was run over by a bus. Dead.

I was not wild about the notion of having killed someone, even in self-defense, and this struggle stayed with me.

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Oh dear, it's that time again...

Time to write to your City Council Representative!

First, read this:

City Council majority sets new direction

It keeps all of the city's 32 pools and 19 recreation centers closed. That's a relatively easy call in January, but come Memorial Day, people will be clamoring for chlorine and water.

Then go here:

Pittsburgh City Council

And don't just write to your council person: write to all nine. Tell them ALL why you think this sucks.

And hey - just 'cause the Mayor's Office said it wasn't their fault doesn't mean we shouldn't make it their problem.

Pittsburgh Mayor's Office Service Center

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Things that make my heart go pitty-pat

So I'm sitting here at the computer at Quiet Storm, just generally goofing off and minding my own business. An older man comes in and takes the seat next to me, and orders a coffee and a water and an ashtray. Eric the barrista tells the man that the smoking section is on the other side of the cafe, at which point the man says he'll have to come and talk to me later. I quickly posit that he is either crazy or drunk (or, likely, some combination of the two), but then he says "I'm trying to find my long-lost daughter."

This stops me cold.

Anyone who knows just about anything about me knows that I've been in search of Bill, my birthfather, for years now. Furthermore, anyone who knows me knows that the past year of my life has been just CHOCK FULL of major life altering events that seem to appear as if from thin air.

He goes on to say that I seem pretty good on the computer, and that he has his daughter's name but not her address, at which point I start to breathe again.

These moments ... these moments of random surprises and the unexpected ... I love them, I'm thankful for them, but wow ... sometimes they just knock me back. Gotta find my footing again, see what this man's story is. He said he was a writer, a poet ...