November 29th, 2003

Me pink

The snow's come again

The snow's come again. I spent the better part of last night on the phone with Khaos, who says I need a vacation and should head west and visit him. Not the worst idea I've heard all week. He also said that somewhere in this world, there exists such a thing as a Mr. T Chia Head ...

The local please-come-out-and-buy-crap-for-Christmas parade is on TV right now. Seeing fat majorettes makes me happy.
Me pink

Stream of Consciousness

Mitch is playing Tom Waits. Tate's washing dishes. My Aunt Gayle loves the floor here. So do I. How did I get myself into such a situation where I have so few options? Part of it was the work scene ... Texas Justice was a really solitary gig ... research, really ... and didn't give me an opportunity to meet more people ... especially people with similar outlooks to mine ... Film Office was fun, and Matt and I swapped stories then about trying to figure out how to turn work friends into outside-of-work friends ... and I wonder how much Antioch is to blame ... I was pondering this earlier as I sat writing in my notebook ... I mean, this school basically sent us out on our lonesome for six months out of the year ... how many co-ops did I spend sitting in coffee shops writing in my notebook? So why am I surprised that it's still the thing I'm most likely to be doing at any given time? Wish I'd spent more of that co-op time learning how to meet people. There was one night ... I was here, and there was this guy who I've met a few times, and he was sitting alone at a table and I decided I'd be social, so I went over and sat down and tried to talk to him. Big mistake. It was like I wasn't even there. I said I'd come over to be social for a moment, and he was like "Un huh, great," and then pulled out a fucking book. Sheesh! Now, maybe this guy is just a schmuck, or maybe he just really doesn't like me ... who knows. But it was like "here ya go - learn your lesson about trying to make new friends." Feh.