November 13th, 2003

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I wrote this for something else, but it seemed a worthwhile update for my LiveJournal ...

Today - heck, the last week - has been remarkably crappy. My rat died last Friday, the boy I'm all stuck on got mad at me last Saturday, and today, as it started snowing, he sent me an email and let me know that, yep, he's still not speaking to me. My birthday is next Friday and it promises to suck. I've been an emotional basket case, and more than one person has theorized that it has lots to do with my lack of nicotine. Tonight, at the coffee house, it was all I could do to keep from crawling across the counter every time someone lit up in the smoking section. I found myself literally staring at cigarettes. I wanted to break things. Then I found out that my friend Jonas, who works at the coffee shop, just quit smoking three days ago. It didn't exactly quash my urges, or make me any less sad about this boy, but it did ease the feeling of "I must destroy something RIGHT NOW." Now tomorrow night I have to spend a good hour being cheerful and chatty with my Mom and Grandma. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

One remarkable thing, though: I was sitting writing in my journal and I wrote "I wish that Chris would show up" and right at that instant, he DID.

- Hope
1 week, 5 days, and 18 hours of HELL
Me pink

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Walken 5
Christopher Walken says their is
something wrong with that furry friend!

"Look, pal. I noticed the dog. had no tail? Did they dock the
tail...yeah thats too bad. I wish everyone had
a tail. That way, when you were angry you
could wag that tail, people would say 'step
back, don't bother Chris today, he's having a
bad day.' Otherwise, what's the point. If I
had a tail, I would be expressive with THAT
TAIL. I mean, you could always get on an

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