October 5th, 2003

Me pink

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I feel compelled to write simply because I haven't posted in a week.

Went to Synagogue tonight with my Mom, which was still not where I wanted to be. My cousin sillylilboi called my cell phone right as services were starting. I picked it up and ran outside, but he hung up. I called him back but his phone was off. I find the whole thing very odd since he's Jewish too.

At any rate, Mom said I don't have to go with her to Synagogue tomorrow, which is a big relief. I feel bad, though, as she and my Dad are leaving town after services tomorrow. I'll try and at least stop by their house before they go.

What else? Well, H.W.S.R.N. is MIA again, which is far from shocking. I mailed him a letter yesterday, full of red glitter (something he did to me once upon a time). Red is the color of Woodpeckers - yum. I'll give him til Tuesday night to respond, and then track him down on Wednesday if he doesn't.

And then Tuesday I also head back to the City-County Building for more fun with Texas Justice. And speaking of the City-County Building, James called me on Saturday. We had an OK chat, but if he thinks I'm going to sleep with him, he's got another think coming. It didn't happen back in 2000; it ain't gonna happen now. See, here's an opportunity for me to learn how to stand up for myself. Now let's see what I do.